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An underlying myth set in a Heightened Creative World

Tell the drama club their tears will be real today!

21 May 1985

About Me

I'm 25. Delusional. Ballet is the love of my life. I design for a living... Or at least try.

I love and so would this journal show, Art, Baz Luhrmann and Red Curtain Cinema, The English Patient and Michael Ondaatje, Sex and the City, Opera, Musicals, Hanson, Lost, and Harry/Hermione and Alex/Boone. Being single. Good looking men. And shoes, also shoes. Many of them, in all shapes, colors and designs.
I am a Lost stan, an Alex stan, a Boone stan, a John Locke stan. I stan hardcore for Ian Somerhalder and Tania Raymonde. Fangirling of many varieties will take place. You have been warned.

If the combination of that doesn't make a lot of sense, lol. Welcome!

Things I do

Icons @ dazzlecake
Videos @ Youtube
H/Hr Fanfic @ Portkey
Other fanfic, picspams, layouts, tutorials and whatever else strikes my fancy @ bohemian_ann
Bitch about ballet like this is Center Stage @ Ballet Chooses the Dancer
My random thoughts @ Twitter
My tumbling @ SnowWeisz.Tumblr

Things I Mod

Disney Princesses, rock and roll @ princesses_ftw
Disney Competitions are hardcore @ disneyverse
Picspamming one theme at a time @ picspammy
Yes, people still watch it @ greysanatomy
Live together die alone @ teamsurvivors
Ballet is Hardcore @ ontd_ballet
Only 4 people ship it @ alex_boone
Hot Futbol Captain @ iker_love

Things I Like

Narnia DAZZLE @ narnia_dazzle
My favoritest people in the world @ oceanaldi
The cool people who like Lost @ ontd_lost
Competition for nerds smart people @ scifiverse
All the news and gossip I need to know @ ohnotheydidnt
My music @ Last.fm

Some things you should look at as a tyfyt

Proud Ravenclaw at hogwartsishome

fancifull put a ring on it tbh

alex rousseau, alex/boone, alfonso cuarón, alias, almost famous, aloone, anthony minghella, anti-harry/ginny, apple, art, atonement, baking, ballet, baz luhrmann, beauty, being delusional, bohemian, books, boone carlyle, breakfast at tiffany's, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cameron crowe, carrie bradshaw, carrie/big, chanel, christian louboutin, cold mountain, coldplay, cooking, craig armstrong, craig pearce, creative procrastination, creative writing, dance, dancing, daniel faraday, delusional, design, disney princess, ethan steifel, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fashion, films, freedom, french, graphics, great expectations, grey's anatomy, h/hr, hanson, harry/hermione, hms pumpkin pie, i dream of jeannie, ian somerhalder, icons, iker casillas, interior design, ipod, itunes, jack shephard, jane austen, john locke, john williams, julie kent, keane, kill bill, la ley, lestat the vampire, losing weight, lost, louis vuitton, love, lulz, mac, macbook, manolo blahnik, mcdreamy, michael giacchino, michael ondaatje, michael vartan, moulin rouge, movies, mr. darcy, mulder/scully, music, musicals, nanowrimo, novels, oceanaldi, ontd, opera, phillippe starck, photography, photoshop, pink, pointe shoes, polina semionova, poodles, pride and prejudice, puccini, pumpkin pie, puppies, ratatouille, reading, red curtain trilogy, scores, screen caps, sex, sex and the city, shakespeare, shipping, shoes, singing, snark, soundtracks, spike/buffy, star wars, starsailor, sydney/vaughn, taylor hanson, the english patient, the vampire chronicles, the x-files, true blood, truth, vampires, veronica mars, veronica/logan, weight loss, writing